How would you like vital extra pieces of priceless profit pulling information, that's unknown to the majority of the betting herds?
  • Know your bets in seconds 
  • Be directed to live contenders. 


  • KNOW who has a PROVEN PROFITABLE record in the race.
If you're smart, you will grab this time limited offer, right now with both hands.
The  NEW Updated Trainer Sweet Spots report for June Flat racing 2020 is available to you right now for the measly sum of just £23.99.



And that is TWO products for the price of one.



I maybe slightly biased, but it's one hell of a deal as you also get...


  • Qualifiers sent direct to your inbox the night before racing which will be FREE of charge.


  • 45 profit pulling areas in the New Trainer Sweet Spots for June.


  • A separate BONUS trainers report showing you which bets you may want to avoid.


  • These BONUS reorts have been in profit EVERY                       month since there inclusion. 


  • Extra bang up to date All Weather insights.



  • For the very first time, because of the unprecedented times, you          will also get hidden gems of info for some Non-handicap races.



  • Selective but Effective insight to help you profit.



Think of your Trainer Sweet Spots as your Swiss Army Knife for racing.



And no stone will be left unturned for you to find live contenders in races.



It's like money in your pocket.



A very important note to make here about the Trainer Sweet Spots as it distinguishes the massive advantage it has over a lot of other "services".



To make profits, the Trainer Sweet Spots reports are NOT track based.



I'm not saying track based methods don't work, but as racing resumes, only certain tracks are going to be used in June so, if you use track based methods you may be very limited.



As this June is going to be very different from any other June as far as racing is concerned, track based profit seekers are going to find it very tough going in an already very tough game.


In fact, the Mantra for the Sweet Spots is...


Be Selective to be Effective.



Racing in June will be slightly different to usual because of certain restrictions in place to make it safe.


Such as, being behind closed doors, which I dont think it will make much difference to the horses, but, certain tracks will be used, a limit on the number of runners in a race, only certain (experienced) jockeys can be used etc.


There will be a lot of trainers fighting to get their horses in the limited races just to give them a run and you can forgive people for thinking "random" results are all over the place.


For those and other reason's, you can see that most people will be going into June like someone throwing darts at a dartboard with a blindfold on.


They will do what they always do, just hope and pray that every now and again, eventually one of the darts hits somewhere near the target.


So, while everyone else is fumbling around in the dark and trying to second guess what the hell is going on, you will be different.


You can hit the ground running and be up and away before the blind leading the blind betting herds have even got their pants on.


And that my friend is because...


  • The Trainer Sweet Spots are based on specific races.


  • Race types that are specifically targeted in specific months.


  • It's best to know which trainers have got a PROVEN PROFITABLE record in CERTAIN RACES, than not to have any idea at all.



Decisions based on improved understanding will always be better than ones based on ignorance in the long term.



It's the stuff that will stop you running around like a lunatic trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.



As you can imagine, lots of people are going to take this offer up so, act fast and make sure you don't miss out.



  • It's a first come first served basis.



So, if you sit on the fence too long you will miss this offer, so take action NOW.



Click here and secure your place in the Sweet Spots for June 2020 for just £23.99


For those of you who are still unsure what the Trainer Sweet Spots reports are all about and what they can do for you, besides what I have already explained, let me explain a little more...
  • The immediately downloaded reports are trainer stats based for flat turf handicap races, so, if that's not your thing, then the monthly Sweet Spots may not be for you.
But, have an open mind and hear me out, as this may be the tool you are missing to making profits a lot easier and a lot smoother, than having to crowbar them out from the bookie, or hammering away with nothing to show at the end of the day. 
Its about being Selective to be Effective.
  • All the guesswork is taken away for you.


  •  exactly which horses are live contenders in a race.
  • We concentrate on E/W and placed runners, that way, when you have one that hits the lollipop first, which is very often, it's a massive bonus, and that's because of the odds we go for.
  • Your bets will be completley under the radar, which is exactly where you want to be.


  • It also reduces losing runs to a very minimum.


  • The Trainer Sweet Spots are "behaviour" based.


  • They are based on specific races.


  • Show you the race types that are specifically targeted in specific months.


  • Every Sweet Spots "as is" qualifier, comes from information that has a 50% place strike rate or more.


  • The Sweet Spots reports will save you hours upon hours each day,  each week and each month and save you money. 


  • They will enable you to come to better profitable betting decisions in a lot less time.
  • You will not be going for rubbish odds.
  • How would you like to be going to the payout window more often?
  • It's a must have tool for you place only bettors.
Hurry before all places are gone..
The Trainer Sweet Spots reports are not asking you to completely alter your selection process.
You can use the reports (like a lot of members do), alongside your own criteria/method to find profitable bets for yourself, or, and this is the really good part, for as long as you don't cancel...
  • Qualifiers are sent to your inbox the night before racing excluding Sunday racing, totally FREE of charge.
How time saving would that be for you?
Horse racing trainers are not entirely predictable, I mean, who is?
But what I will say, is that there are consistencies within trainers habits that one can detect with a bit (a lot actually) of digging beneath the face surface of information, that the betting masses are all looking at, but are unaware of.
Here are some figures in the report for June.
Placed figures includes wins.
This trainers record for June flat racing for the past 3 years looks like this...
  • Bets 51...Wins 2...Placed 17...Profit -33.35...E/W strike rate 33.33%
After a bit of spade work and digging like a tunnel rat on heat, these are the figures, that the betting herds do not have access to for the same trainer.
  • Bets 8...Wins 2...Placed 7...Profit +22.05...E/W strike rate 87.05%.
All figures shown are to £1 stakes and to bookies starting prices, betting on the exchanges or best odds guaranteed would have seriously ramped those profits up.
You don't need big stakes to profit with the information in the Trainer Sweet Spots but, if your stakes are £5, £10 or even £20, you can do the maths.
We are not judging the quality purely by profits, we are concentrating on the place strike rates because we want consistency.
You will know which trainers have got a PROVEN PROFITABLE record in certain races.
The Sweet Spots report is a tool that is part and parcel of constructing an informed opinion and making better betting decisions in a lot less time.
Because, let's face it, the alternative is assumption, guesswork or complete ignorance.


Don't worry, all the digging and hard work has been done for you, so you don't have to do it, the guess work has been completely taken away.

Certain races are targeted throughout the season and some trainers make a habit of gunning for them.
They target specific race types for their runners.
  • It's those Detailed specifics the Trainer Sweet Spots give you.
Here is another example, this one is already in profit, but this is where we find MORE for LESS, check these figures out...
  • Bets 45...Wins 7...Placed 16...Profit +5.61...E/W strike rate 35.56%
Scratching below the surface, we get...
  • Bets 14...Wins 5...Placed 11...Profit +49.98...E/W strike rate 78.57%
If in the past you have had a nagging thought in the back of your mind about the Sweet Spots, shall I? Shan't I?...
Now's the perfect opportunity to put that nagging thought to rest.


The reports are not like others that usually say "bet all this trainers horses in handicaps, or all their runners at this or that track".
No, the Sweet Spots are more specific, such as what distances you need to look at, it could be a certain class of race etc...
  • Detailed Specifics.

A very important point before we go any further.


Because the Trainer Sweet Spots reports are immediate downloads...


There is NO refund once purchased.


The reason being...


This stops the tyre kickers and time wasters and those people who think that they can get stuff for nothing.


A massive amount of time, in fact, a disturbing amount of time and effort goes into these reports and basically...


I don't work for nothing as I'm sure you wouldn't.



Many people have been with the Trainer Sweet Spots every month from the very beginning (this will be it's 5th year), and that in itself speaks volumes, and is something that I am very proud of.


Ok, What happens once I have secured my place and become a member?

Once you have secured your place for Trainer Sweet Spots for June by clicking on the links on the next page, you can relax, and you will be automatically billed every month for as long as you choose to be a Sweet Spots member, and receiving the "as is" Sweet Spots qualifiers straight to your inbox...
  • FREE of charge.


If for whatever reason, you decide not to continue with the Trainer Sweet Spots, all you have to do is cancel with a click of a button BEFORE the next payment is due...Simple.


Peoples stakes will differ and risk levels are not the same, one person's importance in one criteria may not be so important as the next person's, so...

Peoples different betting habits will produce different results.
We don't win all the time, no one does and the Trainer Sweet Spots are no exception, but we don't need to because of the odds we go for.
The reports will not 100% lead you to winning bets, no one does, but you will be going to the payout window more often because you will be better informed than the next punter.
And that my friend puts you way ahead of the betting masses.
As you know, the better informed punter will always come out on top and be a more effective punter over time and that means...Profit.
Hurry as places will be snapped up...
In the betting markets...
Knowledge always wins over ignorance in the long term
Your winning bets far outweigh the loses.
To make profits at this horse racing malarky, you need to have better information than the person next to you.
And that is what the Sweet Spots reports gives you.
They give you a betting edge, an unfair advantage.
Basically what they do is give you a chance of making more profit with less bets.
How about these figures...
  • Bets 63...Wins 10...Placed 20...Profit -15.41...E/W strike rate 31.75%
Same trainer, less bets and considerably more profits...
  • Bets 10...Wins 6...Placed 8...Profit +48.40...E/W strike rate 80%
Anyone worth their salt in this game would tell you that the best chance to profit long term would be... 
To focus on a few specific races.
The betting herds see these figures for a trainer...
  • Bets 40...Wins 4...Placed 14...Profit -6.11...E/W strike rate 35%
You as a member, for the same trainer, see these figures...
  • Bets 7...Wins 2...Placed 5...Profit +29.18...E/W strike rate 71.43%
The betting herds see these figures for a trainer...
  • Bets 69...Wins 7...Placed 30...Profit .-25.97..E/W strike rate 43.48%
You as a member, for the same trainer, see these figures...
  • Bets 21...Wins 3...Placed .11..Profit +10.50...E/W strike rate 52.38%
The betting herds see these figures for a trainer...
  • Bets 86...Wins 7...Placed 31...Profit -54.25...E/W strike rate 36.05%
You as a member, for the same trainer, see these figures...
  • Bets 11...Wins 2...Placed 9...Profit +13.63...E/W strike rate 81.82%
  • 45  beauties like these are waiting for you.
Who in their right mind is not going to want this?
I'd bet the shirt on my back, the New Trainer Sweet Spot reports can put money in your pocket (another bold statement)? 
Try it for yourself before all places are gone and see what happens.
If, for some unknown reason, you don't fancy staying a member, I have made it very easy for you to unsuscribe with just one click of a button BEFORE your next payment, or just email me and I will do it for you.
At least you will of had a look and we remain friends.
How straight forward and simple is that?
For me, the time being confined to barracks with the lockdown hanging over us like some haunted tree, has been spent sorting through forgotten files/systems/notes, a bit of a sort out has created room for the new look updated Trainer Sweet Spots to expand a little.
So, I thought it was a perfect opportunity for you to get the chance to at least have a look at the NEW Trainer Sweet Spots.
That way, instead of just taking my word for it, you can make your own mind up.
Hows all that sound?
As we are experiencing unprecedented times, you will need all the help you can get as there will be some interesting races coming up in June.
But as I said earlier, with the Trainer Sweet Spots you will know which trainers have got a PROVEN PROFITABLE record in certain races.
And you will have great fun with information the betting herds don't have and profiting under the radar without barely lifting a finger.
Now this is where it gets even better for you...
Because, there is more...
As an added bonus, so it's no extra cost, you will get information about bets you may want to swerve in June.
I must say, the layers amongst the members love this as they have made profit every month so far with this alone.
It's completely different from the Trainer Sweet Spots reports but comes attached so you get it immediately.
The value one gets for being a Sweet Spots member is right up there with the best.
Especially when they can cut those squeaky bum moments out from your betting.
So, why wonder what it's like having hindsight BEFORE a race, when you can find out.
It's not rocket science that a vast amount of people will be taking this offer up pretty sharpish.
And they will all be coming to this page at the same time so, don't hang about and claim your place before all spots are gone.
I wouldn't dilly dally if I was you.
A full disclosure though...
I'm running this offer until the numbers I'm looking for has been reached.
It doesn't take a genius to know places will soon be gone, so be quick.
I can't say fairer than that can I?

Happy betting

Ps...I do appreciate that some people don't like taking up long locked in membership deals, so...


Because of that, I don't do a yearly or a six monthly, or even a three monthly payment scheme.


No...I do not want people to be committed to something that they have to fork out a chunk of money for upfront.


If for whatever reason, you decide not to continue with the Trainer Sweet Spots, all you have to do is cancel BEFORE 

the next payment is due...Simple.



But be quick and make sure you get in.