8 Secrets of Paddock Watching.

Want to find out how the pro's find a winning horse when it's being lead around the parade ring before a race?


You can download this FREE guide and discover 8 little secrets on how to spot more winners.

If you want vital extra pieces of horse racing information, that will, in general, be unknown to the vast majority of the betting herds, then you are in the right place.



And that my friend can only mean one thing...Long term profits.



My main goal and core focus is to provide you with information so that when you place bets...


  • You have a low liability (small stakes).


  • Minimal losing runs.


  • And very importantly, long term profits.


All Weather, Flat turf and National Hunt racing is covered so it's an all year round effort.


  • The aim is to completely take the guesswork out of your betting.

Before I go any further, there is one important thing you need to know.



This is NOT a tipster sevice.



It's much more than that...


It's an information service that provides you with specific detailed horse racing insight, for you to use in whichever way suits YOUR betting style.


This will make your bets very much "Under the Radar" which is exactly where you want to be.

Just to be absolutely clear, firstly, I dont have a magic wand.


And secondly, you need to have the correct mindset for long term profits.



If you are looking for instant gratification, then you are in the wrong place.



Thirdly, you should expect (not many people tell you this bit), more losing bets than winning one's.


But, the winning bets will far out-weigh the loses because of the odds we go for.


You could accuse me of being slightly biased, but I bet you the shirt on my back that the somewhat contrarian bets you will be placing, once you have the specific information, will lead you to the payout window collecting more profits than those jolly favourite backers who may have a better strike rate.

You can be sure that you wont be following the betting masses at any time.


The top end of the betting market with the skinny odds is not where you will be looking.


The odds the detailed info is geared to, are those that when you get a horse placed you profit, or, dependng on how many runners, you at least get our money back.


When we get one that hits the lollipop first (which by the way happens very often), it's a massive bonus for small stakes.


Seriously, you will find that there is much intelligence to be gained looking beyond the headline numbers that is readily available to every Tom Dick and Harry, ie the betting herds.



I see it as my job to scratch away beneath those headline numbers and then dig like a tunnel rat on heat and look right under the bonnet, so to speak.


That is how I find the kind of stuff that can give you an option of having an informed opinion so you can make better betting decisions in a lot less time.

It really is the stuff that stops you running round like a lunatic trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.



Who in their right mind wouldn't want information that is proven to bring in the profits?



Because let's face it, the alternative is assumption, guesswork or complete ignorance.


I recommend it's a good idea to use the info alongside your own system/method of finding bets, or you could use it to direct you to real contenders in a race.


You may use it as a "way in", a starting point, which to be honest, are normally the hardest thing to find.


Obviously, how you use the information is entirely up to YOU.

If you decide to make use of the information, you will have the main element of making long term profits.


You will have a betting edge over the betting herds.


You will have an unfair advantage. 


I will occasionally let you know what runner I will be putting my small vouchers on for the following days racing, but like I say, you choose what you do with it.

The Duke of Wellington, when asked what was his secret to success, he replied...


Attention to detail.



Specific details is what will give you a huge advantage.


You may find it refreshing that there isn't any scatter gun approach hoping and praying one hits the target.



It's more quality over quantity.



Small stakes for decent returns over a longer period is the way to go.


And when that starts happening, you will definitely start enjoying your bets which, lets be honest, most people don't because they keep losing.

Bullshit won't be tolerated and no wild promises of amazing riches that would make a sultan sit down.


I take great pride that I provide the personal touch in customer service if and when needed.


There's no content writers, there's no irritating automated messages like "out of office at the moment" or "please contact customer service".


I am customer service and I swiftly reply to every email personally.


There are no Bobby Dazzler images or flashy web pages to try and impress.


If you want bells and whistles, I suggest you join a Morris dancing club.



You need to be selective to be effective.


If you want FREE weekly updates and the FREE Paddock Watching report and some fun along the way to being more profitable, then let's get started by you clicking the green button below.


Go on, it won't bite.

Why wonder what it's like being more effective at finding winners, when you can find out.


See you at the lollipop.


Many thanks