A little bit more information about what the very popular, monthly profit pulling Sweet Spots are and can do for you.

The Sweet Spots are now into their 3rd year and many people are still members from the very beginning, which speaks volumes and makes me very proud.


The Sweet Spots are monthly all year round reports that highlight certain horse racing trainers, of all race codes, that seem to target certain handicap races in certain months and make profit.


A new report is created every month and there are details for each trainer, such as race distance, race class, a certain jockey or even age of horse and such like.


It doesn’t matter what type of betting habits you have, the Sweet Spots are geared to cater for all.


You do not need much horse racing knowledge to use the Sweet spots.


There are all levels of experience with existing members, from the battle hardened to the newbies.


Many newbies enjoy the reports every month as they don’t have to do much, which I will explain why in a minute.


You don’t need to have high betting stakes to profit from the

Sweet Spots, as we go for placed runners at decent odds, because that way, we get minimal losing runs and when we do hit the lollipop 1st, which is often, it's a massive bonus, but, it’s your choice how you bet.


Your betting will become far more easier, as the Sweet Spots reports will give you the specific information you need in a lot LESS TIME.



The Sweet Spots do not always point to specific winners, but they do  highlight excellent areas to start looking for them…Starting Points. ​


The trainers in the Sweet Spots will give you fantastic starting points to put you way ahead of the betting herds and that can only lead to one thing…Profit


What it will do for you is give you the most important element of making long term profit, it will give you a betting edge.


It will give you an unfair advantage.


Every month the reports will save you hours and hours of your precious time.


To make your betting pay, you need to have more knowledge than the next bloke and that will certainly be the case.


Your bets will be “under the radar” which is exactly where you want to be.


It can help you make profit month after month without all the daily grind and you will be able to put your crowbar away for good.


The report will direct you immediately to real contenders in the race in seconds.


You will be placing bets with confidence, you will be placing bets with a smile.



You will be making better betting decisions.



You can use the reports alongside your own criteria/method to find excellent bets for yourself, or, and this is the really good part...


How would you like to click on your email, the night before racing and have the Sweet Spots qualifiers “as is” staring back at you, excluding Sunday racing with best odds at time of email?...


At no extra cost


By “as is”, that is to say that qualifiers sent to your inbox match exactly how it is written in the report.



Who in their right mind wouldn’t want that?



It couldn’t be any simpler for you, as basically, it will be like you are being Spoon fed.



The information you need is delivered to you, there is no more guess work and all the grinding, hammering and crowbarring hard work has been done for you.


In this fast moving world that we now live in, changes are happening, and the Sweet Spots are no exception, obviously, tweaks and some tightening up has taken place to keep up with the times.


And it is for that very reason that the Sweet Spots are as strong as ever moving into its 3rd year and thriving.


We are staying ahead of the game, we are staying ahead of the

betting herds and that means...


We are keeping our noses well in front.



You do not have to be betting high stakes to profit with the Sweet Spots.


I don't do a yearly or a six monthly, or even a three monthly payment scheme.


No...I do not want people to be committed to something that they have to fork out a chunk of money for upfront.



If for whatever reason, you decide not to continue with the Sweet Spots, all you have to do is cancel BEFORE the next payment is due.


A lot of fun and long term profits could be heading your way.


Do not expect every bet to be a winng bet.


Because of the odds we go for your profits will far outweigh the losses.


I hope this has given you a bit of insight as to what the Sweet Spots are and what they can do for you.



Also, if anything that I have said so far, has struck a chord with you, then I firmly suspect you’ll get a lot more out of the Sweet Spots than it’ll cost you.



More info will be on the way this coming week and if you have any questions, please, just email me at


Happy betting