The Usual Suspect

I see the usual suspect in the form of Dele Alli is keeping consistent.


No one can convince me that the correct decision was a penalty.


What about you?


You can see  it here (fast forward to 2.06) if you haven't already seen it.


CLICK HERE to watch the dying swan. 


Will Griggs on fire your defence is terrified


Will Griggs on fire your defence is terrified


Na na na naaaa naaaa na na na na na, na na na naaaaa naaaa na na na na na.


Well well well...


Mr Guardiola wasn't very happy Monday night after the Wigan game for all sort of reasons.


Obviously, he wasn't happy because they lost and went out of the FA cup to a league one team, I mean, who would be happy?


Now then, the sending off.


What another performance with the gathering around the referee, why is all discussions always about what the referee does or doesn't do.


He gets out one card, then shows another card...shock horror, did he change his mind? I mean, can they change their mind? are they allowed to change their minds?


Did he get additional information from his linesman or fourth offical through his headphones?


To be blunt with you, I don't give a rat's arse what the answer is, he gave a red card...End of.


It makes no one happy if one of your players are sent off, I get that but, why would you start ranting to the opposition manager?


Why would you be acting like a drama queen and getting in someones face who incidently, had nothing whatsoever to do with the sending off?


Also, to carry it on in the tunnel with about 15 of his entourage around him is disgraceful, I've known players in the past get heavily fined for such behaviour.


Wasn't this the manager who only last week, along with a couple of his players, who was saying that the referee's should be "protecting" players from bad and reckless tackles?


More cards...Especially red ones?


Oh silly meeeeeeee...Obviously he/they were talking about just players at their club.


"Well spread butter on my arse and call me a biscuit"


They wasn't talking about league one players who mostly wont have a world cup to play in a couple of months from now.


Nooooooo, not the players who aren't going for the quadruple and are not at probably the richest club in football.


They must not have been talking about the players that dont become millionaires every month.


It's a pathetic attitude to have.



That type of pathetic attitude carried on in to the after match interview (that by the way, they have to do), Mr Guardiola, with a face that looked like a slapped arse wasn't answering anything put to him.


But, something struck me in his comments about "it was a very tough game, and Wigan played it like it was their cup final".



Isn't that what you would expect from any professional footballer?



Especially from a club with so many in one team that get paid a ridiculous amount of money.


Shouldn't we expect professional footballers to work their bollocks off for the full 90 minutes wether it be a league game, a cup game, or an international game?


And shouldn't they have expected Wigan to be as competitive as they were?


After all, it's the third time on the bounce that Wigan have done Man city in the FA cup.


His interview is down below but first, there was something else he said that I thought was strange, and that was...


"I judge my players on their intentions, not on their results"


I actually think that in the business we are talking about, and we hear it all the time is that...



Premiership football is all about results...It's results driven



What ever part of their behaviour was he on about, it just didn't sound right.



Anyway, Click the link below and see what you think.


CLICK HERE and listen to a piss take interview



I think that Wigan did football a massive favour, not just the FA cup, but football in general, it was the best result that football could have hoped for.


Will Griggs on fire your defence is terrified


Na na na naaa naaaa na na na na na.

While I'm at it...


Josie Mourinho is complaining about a lack of atmosphere at home games at old trafford.


Well, I think that may be an easy one to solve...


Put a decent team together,...


Put something together like they have been used to for the last quarter of a century and you might get the fans excited.


That load of shit that's at United at the moment isn't going to excite anyone.


If you would like to comment below please feel free.


Thank you for reading.


Happy betting


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  • Al (Wednesday, February 21 18 07:19 pm GMT)

    Guardiola actually agreed it was a red, he was ranting about Cook who in turn was ranting when he saw the yellow and had run about out of his area wanting a red

  • Graham (Wednesday, February 21 18 07:21 pm GMT)

    Love it Paul, couldn't agree more.

  • Bob (Wednesday, February 21 18 07:35 pm GMT)

    I just hope Maureen gets another 4 years that will be enough to have 4 or 5 northwest Derby's in the Championship

  • Antony church (Wednesday, February 21 18 08:48 pm GMT)

    Had a £5 on Wigan happy days

  • Peter (Thursday, February 22 18 08:11 am GMT)

    Stoped watching that game players manger's whining like little kids , now watch rugby men get splatter an carry on refs get respected football no thanks not anymore

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