This is not a personal attack on any individual, this is just my opinion on how I see the game.


If you are offended by bad language, then please do not, I repeat, do not read any further.


So, Raheem Sterling reckons Manchester City are being Butcherd by bad tackles.


Mr Sterling says referee's should protect him and his team mates because many of them will have a world cup to play in a couple months.



Have you ever heard such a load of shite in all your life?



Who do these premiership players think they are?



If football hasn't already become a "non-contact" sport, it soon will be.



Most of them are just a load of Johnny big bollocks with tatoo's and fancy hair cuts strutting around like peacocks in pink and yellow slippers and behaving like they are in a fashion show rather than competing in a football match. 


Ok lads, let's not tackle anyone incase it's mistimed.



Can you imagine the day when these are the referees instructions to teams before games, or even, managers instructions to players?



If you want non-contact then go and play tennis or golf.



We all know what a £50 million plus player can get you these days.



With an average weekly wage of around £250,000, it's actually the people that agree to pay these piss taking wages that are destroying the game even more than the peacocks on the pitch.


In my opinion, the standard of premiership football has declined dramatically even in the last 4 to 5 years.


Average players are becoming millionaires overnight.



Any player who is judged to be a fraction better than an average player is deemed to be a superstar and worshipped like some god.


Many of them may be better players if they did not have their heads stuck so far up their own arse.


There are some that have repeated this offence.


Super fit athletes with power and pace playing at the higest level.


"Cheating" in front of thousands of people in the ground, and many, many more thousands watching on live television.



I keep hearing descriptions of "simulation"... 

That is bollocks, it's cheating.



Any other sport anywhere in the world and cheats are delt with appropriately.


Usually, the offenders are ashamed to show their faces in public, people even ridicule them.



Some are actually banned for a couple of years.



In some cases, they are tarnished for life as a cheat.


Not footballers, no, not the untouchables, not the super heroes because they don't live in the real world do they?.



Take a dive in the penalty box without enough contact to knock an ant over, or even more blatant, do it without being touched, which is basically cheating, then all that happens, is that the ref may show them a yellow card and no more is said about the incident.


Yes, even England international football players...Cheating



"I'm sure I felt the slightest of contact so, I went down"



These people should hang their head in shame.



You can actually hear players screaming and acting like they have been shot by a sniper after taking a dive trying to con the referee.


They do this without any sign whatsoever of embarrassment or guilt.


If that is the way the game is going, then so be it, but for me, it's not the football that I loved since I was a kid, so I will choose not to watch the wankers take the piss every week.


I think there is too much money in the english game and once all the "oversea's" money has had enough...The bubble will burst.



If football is going to use VAR, then use it properly.


Let's use it the same way as rugby use's it.


In fact, let's take a couple of things that they do in rugby.


Let's have the ref miked up, and make it easier for viewers/commentators to know exactly what is going on and why.


It will make the referees job easier.



Once the drama queens of football gets used to the referee saying "go away, I just need to talk to your captain", then discipline will come into the game.



Respect for people making the decisions, none of this arguing that is just a plan to try and influence the refs decisions.


Keep it to just the major plays, goals/penalties if the ref is in doubt, at least we will get the correct decision.



Transparency will also be a major factor.


I think I had better stop there because, as you know, these topics can go for ever, so...


If you disagree with my view, or you would like to share your view, then please feel free to do so by commenting below.


Thanks in advance



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  • Colin Boyce. (Sunday, February 11 18 06:31 pm GMT)

    Bravo. The beautifull game played by liars cheats a sissys.

  • Michael (Sunday, February 11 18 07:06 pm GMT)

    You summed up my own views very well, Paul, totally agree. Some of the officials' decisions are also often questionable, so for me VAR will be welcome. We can learn a lot from rugby.

  • Roger (Sunday, February 11 18 07:35 pm GMT)

    Very good comment Paul, taking a dive should be automatic dismissal AND a penalty given the other way, yes it's Draconian but it would soon stop it. I have the same thoughts about horse racing, the 'Non Triers' rule? In my opinion the offending trainer should have his entire stable shut down for a month. By the way 'bad language'? I hear worse from school kids on the bus everyday!

  • Franklyn Emmons (Sunday, February 11 18 08:19 pm GMT)

    Haha, so funny it hurts, Paul. Bad language, yes Roger.
    Diving, cheating wankers should be banned a minimum 5 games.

    The ref should book any player who touches him.

    There has been so much contradictory decisions this season, that it questions its integrity. I thought after Mane got sent off vs Man City, Kung-fu headkicks would result on red cards...

  • Don (Sunday, February 11 18 08:27 pm GMT)

    Agree totally.Game is nothing like it was or should be.It isn't a dance contest to make millions,it is a game where skill and physical contact occurs like rugby.

  • Antony church (Sunday, February 11 18 08:39 pm GMT)

    Totally agree Paul I stopped watching the prima donnas years ago horse racing and the Olympics only for me now

  • Pete (Sunday, February 11 18 08:47 pm GMT)

    Stopped watching the cheatinggame yrs ago,should show these pussy the cup final of Chelsea an Leeds or how a world class player like George best handle it, and refs should wear a head camera

  • Tony (Monday, February 12 18 12:54 am GMT)

    Agreed Paul.
    It's something we've previously discussed and sadly is getting worse instead of better.
    Watch kids playing Sunday football, in the local park, and they're all at it, including Oscar nomination rolls and painful moans, when hardly being touched.
    Also shirt pulling, arms wrapped around opponents in the box for corners and free kicks.
    I don't blame them as they copy what they see their heroes doing.
    TV pundits are also hypocritical. One week condemning dives, then condoning a "professional" foul.
    If these overpaid athletes, want the wages they're on and bonuses (match fees, appearance money, goal scoring bonus, win bonus, image rights), they need to earn it without cheating.
    All matches need reviewing and any missed calls by officials on the day need retroactive penalties.
    Match bans. Fines by the FA, paid by the player, not the club. Points deducted from each team whose players incur penalties.
    This would cease being a problem instantly.
    Also agree with some comments on referees adopting rugby philosophy and practicalities of cameras.
    Watched the Scotland game today. Players covered in blood. Tough tackles and a few handbag moments.
    Yet the referee controlled the game so it flowed and was fair.
    At the end of the game, both teams applauded each other, and the losing team made a guard of honour for the victors.
    How I wish football followed this approach.

  • Kenneth Brehaut (Monday, February 12 18 07:26 am GMT)

    EXACTLY why I abandoned football .

  • Robert (Monday, February 12 18 08:43 am GMT)

    Fans are as much to blame for hero worshiping these fairies.
    Could you see fans of a diver who wins a penalty booing him for cheating?

    They (Premier League footballers) should be sent to train with rugby players. They would know what being tackled would really feel like. I would love to see that.............

  • Robin Sanderson (Monday, February 12 18 09:04 am GMT)

    Rugby players respect referees decisions without complaint most of the time. (check out Nigel Owens when he refs)

  • denis (Monday, February 12 18 09:11 am GMT)

    I Agree with everything that you have said Paul, and bravo for saying it.
    The next question, now, is why cant England win the world cup?
    Answer, in my humble opinion, the premiership is held up by a large % of foreign players that make any home grown player look better than they really are. When the world cup comes around and those players then go off to play for their own country, our players are left exposed as just ordinary players with nobody around them to make them look good.....

  • chris (Monday, February 12 18 06:31 pm GMT)

    They used to say Rugby was a gentleman's game played by thugs. But their behaviour puts football to shame. Also other contact sports (and not so) show them up. I am also a bike fan and it's interesting that Rossi rides a MotoGpbike 3 weeks after breaking a leg whereas a Premier player seems able to fall over in agony at a puff of air from an opponent. Until they are punished - sin binned etc they will not stop.

  • Mike (Monday, February 12 18 06:57 pm GMT)

    I don't usually reply to any posts but I agree totally with what you've said Paul and basically all the comments too, I'm sure we've all been thinking and feeling this for a long time.

    VAR, fines, points deducted-all well and good in my opinion but will they ever be implemented?
    Maybe the fans should start approaching the players who do this regularly and just fall-down at their feet and accuse them of knocking them down and they want a free kick-how long would they carry on then I wonder?

    Right I'm off to put £20 on England to win the World Cup at 20's and Harry Kane to be top scorer at 16's in a double-that should restore our national pride and make a few quid-what do you think Denis?

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