What Broadwaybets is about...

My name is Paul Broadway.


I created Broadwaybets to help people, maybe like you, to improve their horse racing betting by having better "informed information" than that of the general betting herds.


This horse racing betting malarky should be profitable, and, just as importantly...


Entertaining and fun...Yes, it should be, and can be.


Let's be honest, there are a lot of snake oiled sneaky shysters out there, full of bullshit, lies and scams and they don't bat an eyelid to rob people of every last penny they can.


These shysters make what I do, (and a few other people who are very genuine in this internet racing game), much harder because of the distrust.


Obviously, I am a little biased when I say...I am genuine...


My aim here is to try and tell you what Broadwaybets is all about, so...


Here we go...


First of all...Broadwaybets is not a tipping service as such.


It was never my intention to create a tipping service, no, what I wanted was much more than that.

If you understand our main objective from the off, there will be no confusion later.


Information is what we are all about.


Information that can, and does, educate those that want to take more interest in the game than just to have a bet.


Unlike out and out tipping services, we do not just focus on first past the post winners.

We also focus on horses hitting the frame for a place at decent odds.


Many, many people strictly follow the information, others use it with their own criteria (which is great), and some probably just ignore it.


As ever, the question is this...Do you want winners? or Profit?...


Here at Broadwaybets, we have what you could call a community of horse racing enthusiasts, maybe like yourself, where members can get the most out of their betting.


We are focusing our betting attention to the better priced horses that the rest of the betting markets do not fancy.

We find plenty of winners and placed horses at decent prices.


Here's another question for you...


Are you always looking for a way to gain an advantage over the bookmakers?

Do you think you will never be able to have an advantage over the bookmakers?


Let me tell you something...You already have a massive advantage over the bookmaker.


You see...The obvious is not always obvious until it is pointed out.


Let me explain,


If you think about it, the bookmaker has to play in every race...You don't


You are free to pick and choose to bet in any race you fancy.

You can choose your favourite type of race.

You can choose races where you think your knowledge is best.

You have a choice...The bookmaker does not have a choice.


So, hopefully, I have already given you a Starting Point for a change of mindset because, you do have a massive advantage over the bookies.


Here at Broadwaybets, our betting mentality is one of going against the betting herds, following the betting masses can only lead to the poor house.


Following this contrarian betting mentallity has proved time and time again, that long-term, profits will always be coming our way.

Me and my members are able to reap the rewards, infact, we have had some fantastic paydays from backing horse that hardly anyone else has been looking at.


Starting points...Everybody needs a starting point.


I know from experience that a starting point can sometimes be the hardest thing to find. A Starting Point is your "gateway in".


Why does Broadwaybets exist?...


I genuinely have been where you may be right now, by that, I mean I used to be constantly losing at betting and looking for excuses for why I was losing, and never once admitting to myself that it was because I didn’t really know what I was doing.


When I did get a winner, I thought I was the bee’s knees...Until the next bet.


If only I had access to the type of information that Broadwaybets delivers, and an opportunity like this had come my way years ago, things would have been a lot different.


I do know a lot of people who struggle with their betting and perhaps you do too.


Well, what I will say is that, I would like to help those people and get them to feel the same about their betting as I do about mine. 
You know that feeling when you collect your money from over the counter, or, more often it’s on the internet these days, and you think to yourself “who’s the daddy” it feels good, and, it’s a lot more fun when you KNOW you are winning.


Most of the research is trainer based, but we also "dig" into Jockeys and tracks.


So now, when I see a horse's form that reads 000000 I don’t just dismiss it, I look at it more closely, is the form of the horse because it’s a donkey with 3 legs? or,  has it been running in better quality races against better quality horses, and coming down a level in race quality, against lesser talented horses?...It may make you think twice about it. 


What about the red hot odds on favourite, that’s a nailed on cert with form of 1111 next to its name, were the horses it beat previously as good as the quality of its rivals today?  


This type of information may seem obvious to some, but, it’s obviously...Not to most.


If that snippet of information helps you, then great, at least it’s a starting point for you, it certainly has been for a lot of people.


I’ve learned not to care too much about losing bets, because I know, that over time,

I’m going to profit.

The losses make absolutely no difference to me, because the winners more than pay for them.  


If you’re anything like the many people who receive my emails, and you want more betting angles and strategies, but you need them presented in a usable format, well, I’m happy to say that you are in the right place. 


We do like to keep things as simple as possible and everything is always put together in a simple time efficient way which anyone could understand and follow. 

Let's do what we very often do here at Broadwaybets.


Let's break a few rules and have transparency in the negatives people don't like talking about.


Losing Bets...Do not worry about losers...You should expect them.


We find plenty of winners and placed horses at great prices, but we also have the inevitable spells where we lose.

These losing runs are very minimal as we are going for horses to be placed, but, if you can't handle losing bets, then, Broadwaybets may not be for you.


Backing a few losers is all part and parcel of the game, as it is with anyone who bets, and Broadwaybets are no exception.

We know the profits will come and because of the odds we go for, the short wait is well worth it.

Seriuosly, if you are the type that is looking for a service that gets it right 100% of the time, then you are in the wrong place. 


The majority of what I do is FREE.


I do have two paid for services at the moment, but I will tell you about those later.


I send my mailing list the night before racing, what I call "live contenders".

These are selections that I think have a fantastic chance of at least hitting the frame, if not win, and at very decent odds.

All weather, flat turf and National Hunt racing is on my radar all year round.


The majority of my selections are in the lower grade races, the type of races that most of the betting herds ignore and dismiss. because for me, and by the looks of it, for a lot of other people who subscribe to receive my emails, that's where the angles are.


I am not saying there is no profit in the high class races, or that my way is the best way, it's just that it does not suit my way of betting, there are people who do well and profit in those areas, and well done to them.

But, you can get all the hype and stats from evey direction you care to look, and a million opinions on the internet, newspapers and the television just for one race, and still get six or seven or even more "tips" in one race.

Just think of the Derby, Cheltenham or Aintree and such like.


Give me a soggy night at a low grade meeting mid-week any time, the media doesn't shout and rave about these meetings, they are not "news" or "glamorous" enough, attendences are lower so...

Bookies offering (very often) better odds than normal as they clamour for custom, and where else could be a better place to get a "live contender" under the radar from the media and, more impotantly...The bookies.


Also, I do send out interesting stats about trainers and jockeys, you could call them "mini or micro" systems, and yes...these are FREE.


I believe that you should enjoy your winnings and reward yourself....


Profits should mean weekends away, flights, treat yourself and family and friends, a meal and a couple of drinks.

A little tipple (mines usually a guinness) always tastes better when the bookmaker has paid for it.


I always recommend small stakes...But how you play is up to you.


Losing runs are inevitable from time to time, but as we are also going for decent priced placed runners, the losing runs are minimal.


We are not going to get it right every time, so keep stakes manageable and comfortable.


Broadwaybets is about small stakes and potentially big returns.


Every punter is different, different betting habits produce different results.


Here at Broadwaybets we hopefully, cater for all, and the information provided to you is entirely your call on how you use it.


Nobody has to follow my information or the "live contenders", but I provide what I believe to be some guidance for those who appreciate it.


Now then, as I mentioned earlier, I do have two paid for services going at the moment, the first one is the Sweet Spots.


The Sweet Spots is a monthly subscription service which has been going for about 16 months, many people who joined at the beginning are still with the Sweet Spots, so, I think that speaks volumes.


Here is a brief description to give you some idea of the Sweet Spots.


You will not find the information contained in the Sweet Spots, in the format it is, anywhere else.

The Sweet Spots are monthly reports that highlight areas in which certain trainers have been very profitable in recent times...Trainers Sweet Spots.


The Sweet Spots is not a "system" with rigid strict rules, they are very profitable

Starting Points to find profitable bets.


Many members tweak some of the information to suit their own betting style, others follow the Sweet Spots "as is", that's to say  they follow the report exactly how it is written, and that has proved to be very profitable.


The "as is" are sent to members via email the night before racing, as this saves the members time and makes it very simple.


The focus is on handicap races only, and obviously, it covers racing all year round.

Again, because of the odds we go for, we are looking for runners to at least place, when we do get a first past the post (which happens very often) it's a massive bonus.


The beauty of the Sweet Spots is that anyone can use it, you don't need much racing knowledge, and anyone can use it to suit their own betting style.


The Sweet Spots are only available at the end of the month, but not every month, it's not one of those "up all the time" and "get it when you want things".

I do like to keep the members numbers manageable, because customer service is very important to me, as I imagine, it is for anyone.


Every couple of months I do open the doors, but not for long.

Ok, the other monthly subscription service is the Fast Profits on Turf.


This service was created at the start of the flat season 2017.


The Fast Profits on Turf, as the name suggest, are for the shorter, faster races and specific type of flat race.

The report was offered to people and at the end of the first month, they were given the option to subscribe and to keep having the "qualifiers" sent via email.


Many chose to subscribe, as Fast Profits on Turf runs right through the flat season.


Again it's trainer based and every area in the report had a 50% or more place strike rate.

On the horse racing front, that's the general overview, except to say that Wolverhampton is the closest race track to me.

I don't go as much as I would like, and that is something I have to put right, but, me and my members do very well in taking profit from the bookies whenever a meeting at Wolverhampton comes along.


What you can expect from Broadwaybets is, complete honesty and no bullshit, we have no time for time wasters, and I am sure you haven't either.

And now for something away from horse racing.


For my sins, I support Walsall fc, and once you have stopped laughing, I will carry on.


Yes, the Super Saddlers, so, as you can imagine, football isn't a big subject in my emails.


What I will tell you about, is that I do have a league you can join, and have a chance to win £250,000 throughout the football season.


It's actually the sky sports soccer saturday Super 6.


We had some great fun last season and it is completely FREE to join.


You just put an email address in, they give you a password and that's it.


Anyone can join, and you don't even have to know about football, just predict the 6 correct scores on the games they make available, and the £250,000 is yours...Simple.


Everything is sorted by sky and the chance to have a FREE pop at £250,000 every week is not to be sniffed at.


Sometimes they put a 1 million pound prize up


To join the Sweet Spots Super 6 league, for FREE...CLICK HERE


Any questions you may have about anything you have read here, don't hesitate to contact me at 


Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck with your future betting.


Paul Broadway