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This is not one of those scatter gun approach things that produce 10 or 12 bets a day, which, in a lot of cases, is not realistacally possible (or in most cases, affordble) to place bets at such high volume in the hope that at least one will hit the target.

Most people, and you may be one of them, only have one system or method of selecting horses to profit.

That is something people who make consistent profit never do.

They have a range of approaches or systems that they use depending on the situation.


They will tell you that creating a betting portfolio is crucial to ensuring you earn profits consistently.


You should never rely on just one golden goose to lay golden eggs. No sensible stock market investor would buy shares in just one company and no sensible horse betting person should rely on just one method.

If you follow one system/method, you are leaving yourself open to bad losing streaks which can seriously deplete your bank and dent your confidence in any system or method you use.

It is far better to use a group of systems at the same time. By doing this, most fluctuations in performance will be ironed out.


You will remain "Under the Radar" and way ahead of the betting herds.

This report will help you identify, in a matter of seconds, horses that are very likely to be real live contenders...And, at decent prices.


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You will not need much horseracing knowledge as...


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